Success Stories

“I am struggling with undiagnosed chronic health issues. Dr. Morgan has provided symptom relief as well as much support, direction, and caring in my journey. The office is warm, friendly, and inviting. All essential to healing!”

“I am a natural skeptic, so I was slow to accept my husband’s advice when he suggested a visit to Dr. MacBean for severe low back pain. I had tried physical therapy, cortisone injections, exercises- nothing worked. I wasn’t sleeping at night. I couldn’t work in my garden-my greatest pleasure. My work was affected, as well. I was encouraged on my first visit to Dr. MacBean. With each treatment, there was relief, but nothing dramatic. By the sixth week I suddenly realized that I had been sleeping all night, I was moving without pain. I could hardly believe it! I had forgotten what it was like to twist, bend, and sit without pain!”

“I could not sleep because of the pain in my back, hands, and wrists.  I am now able to sleep through the night.  My flexibility has returned.  I am pain free!  My experience with Hollis Family Chiropractic has been excellent.  She is not a band-aid.  Dr. Morgan heals the body!”

“Before I started chiropractic care, I was a lump. Figuratively, but somewhat literally. My posture was ghastly and I had a curved spine. Sitting straight was strenuous and painful. But then came relief! After a few adjustments with Dr. Morgan, I noticed it easier to sit straight. I was running better and was more comfortable in my body. Thank you Dr. Morgan, for turning me from a lump back into a girl!”